Independent web pages of East Hamptons

East Hampton Web is a community website built by members of the Web for East Hamptons initiative. We’re an independent group of individuals who are residents of East Hamptons. Main goal of our little group is to promote our little quiet corner of NY state on the web. With the town of East Hampton, and the 4 hamlets of Montauk, Amagansett, Wainscott and Springs, we like to think that the East Hamptons are one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Just take a look at the aerial nature shots that some members of the initiative have taken with their high quality camera drones. They are quite something aren’t they? Note that these photos are made in New York state, which is usually associated with New York City and it’s skyscrapers, concrete, noise. There’s more to NY state than NY City. We’re here to show you that.

Basic idea behind this website

Well let’s start things off by talking about what kind goals we have for this website. Core idea behind East Hampton web, next to promoting East Hamptons, is community. Community is what makes a place after all. We as people seem to be losing community more and more, in favor of individuality and being closed off. This closed off-ness is especially associated with “The Hamptons”. It might seem weird seeing someone from “The Hamptons” talking about community, but there’s a lot of “ordinary” folks living in the actual Hamptons area. We’re those people and with this website we hope to make our voices heard. We hope to get in touch with one another. Just look at what kind of breathtaking nature we have. By the way thank you to our member Scott Thomas, who used his top drone under $500 to shoot these photos for our website.

A community cannot exist without communication. Talking about important issues is the first step in getting them resolved. East Hampton Web will hopefully be a platform that we can use to at the very least start the conversation about important topics like zoning issues, infrastructure maintenance failures, gaps in school and emergency services coverage. Once we get the ball rolling, once that the discussion has started we can start finding solutions. Local authorities cannot know about the issues if we don’t report them, talk about them. East Hampton is a huge place and they cannot be everywhere.

So yeah, the basic idea behind East Hampton Web is for this website to act as a platform for the people of the East Hampton to use it as a place to find useful information about the place that they live. Announcements, discussions about important topics, promotion of our area, starting point for organization of various events, and so on. It will be a mixed bag of things that we ourselves aren’t exactly sure how it will turn out. Stay tuned and we’ll find out together.

Community is key to a better future

It might be a cliche thing to say, but community really is the key to having a better future. At the very least, it’s one of the key things that’s needed for a place to have a better future. Without community a town, an area, would simply crumble into pieces. It takes people who care, who speak up, who take the initiative at least sometimes to fix something, suggest an improvement, to actually care for a place to grow, improve.

Another reason why community is important is because we’re a social bunch. People need other people. That’s why the East Hampton web team regularly gets together for what we call working lunches. I mean, we didn’t come up with that name, but it’s what we call our little get togethers. It’s how the idea for this website came about. We don’t talk about business only. We only have fun. People bring their bikes, roller blades, long range electric scooters, you name it, and we make an event out of it all.

It takes all those things that we just mentioned here, community, sharing ideas, working together, to call a place home. And that’s the core idea behind what we’re trying to achieve with this website. Bring people together. Make them come out of their homes and work together towards better things. We like to think that something like that is in everyone’s best interest.

Stay informed – announcements and news

Key thing to getting the ball rolling, getting things done is to be informed about current events. Todays hectic lifestyles put us all in situations where it’s very easy to not notice a very obvious problem in your community. Or they can make it so that you just not have enough time on your hands to actually speak up and talk about important issues. We’re going to help you at the very least to stay informed about current events, public announcements and everything else that might be happening in East Hampton. We’ll snoop around for you and post it here on the website so that you don’t have to. For an example, if I told you there was a new East Hampton Golf Club recently opened, would you believe me? Or is that information you already knew? If

Even if you are busy to the point that you just don’t have the time to actually engage in local community meetings, in projects that help improve the place where you live, it’s very much so important to stay informed. Maybe certain issues aren’t that important for you. A pothole on the other side of East Hampton, which is outside of your daily commute certainly won’t be something that you will notice or care that much about. At the same time, it’s important to keep tabs on issues like these. A big one might come along, like a new zoning plan that will completely demolish a park you like visiting with your family, and you might not even know about it.

Businesses looking for exposure can get in touch with us and we will make sure that you message is heard. We’re going through some difficult times, but we can get through them if we help each other. Send us your advertisement requests, and we’ll see what we can do. Those of you who are working on any kind of projects for the New Hampton area, and would like to get some exposure, also get in touch with us. We’ll make sure that your efforts are heard by the people of the New Hamptons, and that you are connected with the right people that will help you work on your project.

Become part of the East Hampton web

That’s about it as far as us talking about this website goes. We think that we already talked way too much. All in all we’re just a bunch of people from New Hampton and the surrounding village who would like work on improving their community and the place where they live. Follow us here on the website and get in touch with us if you would like to join us and help with our efforts in a more direct way. All the best.

The East Hampton Web team